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Find out the latest Pretty Brave news – including events, class updates and any exciting changes we’re working towards. You might even find some tips and resources from our very own instructors! It’s all about what we can do to support your fitness journey.

Yoga vs Gym: Which Workout Style is More Effective?

Are you torn between going to the gym or taking up yoga? Well, you are not alone. Many ladies and gents who are trying to improve their health and fitness are stuck with this dilemma. While both types of workouts have their own set of benefits, it is all a matter of achieving your own

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Weight Training for Women: Top 11 Questions Answered

Women can benefit from the strength and endurance you gain from weight training just as much as men do. But successful weight training is more than just lifting heavy. It’s about warming up, safely working with the weights, and can also include eating a balanced diet to complement your workouts.  These days, weights are incorporated

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Pole Fitness Explained: Benefits of Pole Dancing for Your Body

Have you ever wondered how pole fitness could change your body? That’s a great question! And if you’re looking at adding pole fitness to your exercise routine or looking into signing up for pole classes, it’s a great question to be asking.  More than just a fad, pole dancing has taken the fitness world by

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CrossFit Gyms in Mandurah: What Are My Options?

CrossFit has taken Australia by storm over the past few years. If you’re just hearing the buzz, CrossFit is both an exercise philosophy and a workout style combining a range of different exercises. These elements include weightlifting, plyometrics, high-intensity interval training, callisthenics, and more! As CrossFit encompasses such a wide range of exercises, it’s intended

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