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Find out the latest Pretty Brave news – including events, class updates and any exciting changes we’re working towards. You might even find some tips and resources from our very own instructors! It’s all about what we can do to support your fitness journey.

Les Mills Body Attack vs Body Combat: Which Gets The Best Results?

Two very popular group training classes worldwide are Les Mills Body Attack and Les Mills Body Combat. These workouts offered through Les Mills are both high energy and fun fitness classes to be part of. However, while the names are similar, they don’t achieve exactly the same results.  Incorporating any kind of group training class

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Is it Okay To Do Circuit Training Every Day?

Do you want to build up endurance, strength, power, and stamina? Are you ready to up your fitness game? Then circuit training may be the ideal exercise regimen for you! Circuit training is a high-intensity series of consecutive, timed exercises. These exercises are executed one after another with varying periods of rest between each set.

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F45 Training vs CrossFit: Which Is Best For Women?

For the past 20 years, the CrossFit craze has taken the fitness world by storm, and gym enthusiasts from across the globe have taken their functional fitness philosophy to heart. As a result, gyms, studios, and CrossFit competitions (such as the CrossFit games) have started operating worldwide. Lately, another exercise craze with a similar philosophy

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Konga vs Zumba: The Difference Between These Dance Fitness Crazes

If you’re looking to boost your health and fitness but don’t have much motivation to jog or lift weights, why not try a fun and effective dance fitness class? These upbeat classes are great for burning fat, boosting metabolism, and improving full-body health. However, with many high-intensity dance workouts available today, it can be tricky

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