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Find out the latest Pretty Brave news – including events, class updates and any exciting changes we’re working towards. You might even find some tips and resources from our very own instructors! It’s all about what we can do to support your fitness journey.

14 Outdoor Running Tracks in Mandurah You Need To Try

14 Outdoor Running Tracks in Mandurah You Need To Try

When the grind of corporate life is more than you can take, the serenity of running through beautiful natural trails is often just what you need to recharge your mind and rejuvenate your body.   So, if you’re looking for a running track that’s close to home, or if you’re tired of running on the same

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Should I Join a Women-Only Gym

Should I Join a Women-Only Gym? | Everything You Need to Know

It’s undeniable that regular exercise is vital to women’s health, wellbeing and overall happiness. It’s not all about weight loss, either – exercise is proven to strengthen bones and muscles, promote better sleeping patterns, make skin glow, boost immunity, and improve mental health. When it comes to exercise, the number of options in Australia is

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Core Strength

This morning we ran our first session of our newest class, Core Strength. One thing we hear a lot is ‘I don’t know how to engage my core’. This is super common and is something that can often lead to injury. A strong core will help you perform nearly all exercises better and allow you

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Hey! I thought I’d share a picture of my mug today for something different. Behind all the professional business stuff, action shots and clever captions, it’s just little old me. I know seeing a gym full of people who all seem to know what they’re doing can be off putting and daunting – so I

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Timetable Refresh!

Same class times, we’ve just introduced TWO new workout structures as well as a Core Strength class! And we have rejigged the days a little. Monday: EIGHT30 – mix Tuesday: FULL 180 – strength Wednesday: PRETTY FIIT – hiit Thursday: EIGHT30 – strength Friday: FULL 180 – mix Saturday: PRETTY FIIT – hiit

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