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Our range of different classes mean that you will never do the same workout twice. Keep it fresh and fun with a new blend of strength and HIIT exercises daily.

While we design each workout to be challenging – so you can leave with a sense of accomplishment every single time – our circuits are also adjustable to suit your fitness level and any injuries or limitations.

And of course, we want to make sure fitness is always fun! We may work hard, but we also have a great time doing it. Come and enjoy our welcoming studio, the music, the atmosphere and the support of girls just like you. The goal is to make fitness a lasting habit – something that helps you embrace life to the fullest.   


A fast paced 8 station circuit with a work to rest ratio of 30:10


Eight30 is a full-on, fast-paced workout. With 3 sets on each station you have time to learn and perfect each movement with enough time left over to make sure you've maxed out before moving on to the next station. In the second round you know what's coming - this is when it's time to step it up to the next gear and make sure you've left nothing in the tank.


2 Circuits with 5 different stations on each. Target strength and cardio fitness with 2 laps of each

hustle Classes

Are setup with 2 circuits consisting of 5 stations in each. Working in sets of 35 seconds, you’ll complete two sets on each station and 2 laps of each circuit.

Pretty Fiit

A HIIT style workout where the time decreases with each lap of the circuit

Pretty Fiit Classes

Hold onto your sweat towels girls, this workout is the beast of PBF. 3 circuits, 3 stations, 3 laps. '333' not quite the devil but you might be thinking otherwise after you're done. With each lap the time decreases, meaning you can increase the intensity as you move through the workout.


Our open gym area for members


Strength Space is our open gym area, available for both personal and independent training during the week. If you enjoy a solo session here and there, including Strength Space in your membership allows you to do it all in the one place.


Smash your fitness goals with one-on-one PT sessions


Our trainers are available to work with you one-on-one in our gym and Strength Space. Together, we set targeted goals and create a fitness plan to achieve the specific results you’re looking for.


A holistic approach to health and wellness


Nourish your body and achieve your goals without restriction. We offer fully personalised nutrition programs including goal setting, macronutrients, supplements and meal plans.


Myzone enabled gym space to help you challenge yourself


Members with a Myzone belt can track their heart rate zones in real time during our group fitness classes. Stay motivated and keep striving for your personal best – or join in our monthly Myzone challenges.

Kids Corner

A safe place for the kids to play

Kids Corner

Have peace of mind knowing that your kids have a safe area for them to play while you're working out.

All workouts can be modified to suit all fitness levels, most injuries and limitations.

Frequently Asked questions

Discover the answers to some of the most commonly ask questions that new members have.

13/8 Magenta Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210, Australia

Nope! There are no joining fees, or hidden fees of any kind!*


There are also no lock in contracts. To cancel your membership you just need to provide two weeks notice via the cancellation form. Once notice is received your membership will be active for a further two periods (Monday - Sunday) and a final payment will required to finalise your membership.


The only time a membership cannot be cancelled is during the Six Week Challenge (if you are participating in the challenge).


*Our Direct Debit provider is EziDebit. In the instance of a failed payment you will incur a dishonor fee of $9.90. This is a fee charged by EziDebit and is in no way associated with Pretty Brave Fitness. EziDebit will automatically retry the payment within 1 - 3 working days.

Yes! We are child friendly. Feel free to bring your children to all of your classes at no extra cost. There is a designated area for the little ones and only 2 rules. The rules are simple; they must stay within that area for safety reasons and we ask that you give the area a quick tidy up before heading off. 

Yes! In all our classes you will have at least one trainer there ready to guide you through the workout. This means that we are able to modify the workout to suit all fitness levels, most limitations and injuries.

Our classes are designed to be suitable for everyone. While we do have a few different structures throughout the week, our workouts are all quite similar in style. There isn't a particular day of the week that you should do over another.

Unlimited Classes: $55 p/w (includes strength space)


Strength Space Only: $15 p/w


One Class + Strength Space: $25 p/w


*all memberships are paid fortnightly

We run over 35 classes every week!


All of our classes are circuit based, and throughout the week we will do a combination of strength, HIIT and mixed workouts.


With an Unlimited Classes membership you are able to attend as many classes as you like throughout the week. Classes are booked via the PBF app and can be booked in and out of right up until class begins.


Please see the timetable below for class times and each days training style.

Definitely! You can try out our classes with our free 7 Day Trial. To get started with this follow these steps:


  1. Download the Pretty Brave Fitness app
  2. Create an account and head to the ‘Store’
  3. Under ‘Memberships’ select the 7 Day Trial
  4. Ensure to pick the correct start date and purchase


Bookings are essential so be sure to book yourself into the classes you’re attending and cancel out of these classes if you’re not going to make it.

We have casual classes and casual weeks!


A casual class allows you to come to one class. Once you’ve purchased the casual class you’ll have 7 days to use it. This is a good option for those wanting to attend 1 or 2 classes a week, or just here and there.


A casual week gives you 7 consecutive days of unlimited classes. This is a good option for FIFO workers, or anyone who doesn’t feel like they’ll get enough use out of an on going membership.


Both of these can be purchased on the app.

As you come to the end of your trial and you’ve decided you’ll stay on board, we’ll get you to complete our New Member Form. We do all memberships this way, so you’ll notice they’re not on the app! Just let us know that you’re keen to get started and we’ll be able to get the form to you. If you’re ready to go already you can click the link below and that will take you to the New Member Form.

Yes! You can suspend your membership for up to six weeks of the year at no cost. After that, you'll be able to suspend for longer with the cost of 25% of your membership per week.


To suspend a membership a suspension request form must be submitted at least 7 days in advance. Suspension must begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday.


The only time a membership cannot be suspended is during the Six Week Challenge (if you are participating in the challenge)




$7 for 7 days!

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