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Hey! I thought I’d share a picture of my mug today for something different.

Behind all the professional business stuff, action shots and clever captions, it’s just little old me. I know seeing a gym full of people who all seem to know what they’re doing can be off putting and daunting – so I wanted to break up our feed a little bit to show you that behind all that is just a regular human. A whole bunch of regular humans in fact.

I’ve been scared to go into gyms too. I remember when I first started working out doing Les Mills classes, I’d walk past the girls in the free weights area and think ‘man I could never have the confidence to do that’

You imagine everyone being athletes, so much more advanced than you and think you’ll look silly trying.

We forget that we’re all the same. I wouldn’t laugh at someone giving it a go, so why would someone laugh at me? The truth is no one will!

If you can work up the confidence to just get yourself to the first class, you’ll see no one here is judging you, or laughing at you. No one looks at you as if you’re silly, or snickers if you do something a bit wrong. And absolutely no one thinks they’re better than you. We are all here together. Working together, supporting each other and celebrating each other’s wins!

I’d like to send out a challenge, or even a favour, to all my PBF girls. To show that we are all the same, not in competition with each other – share a photo of yourself on your Instagram story with the hashtag #imjustlikeyou and tag us so we can share it, and show all those girls who may be feeling a bit intimidated the real faces of PBF ❤️

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