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Samantha Harrison

Pretty Brave Fitness is what I didn’t think I needed but it turned out it was. Not just for exercising but for socialising too, I started attending PBF in July 2020 as my partner is in the Navy and on a 6 month deployment. I didn’t think attending such a positive environment would help me during this deployment but it has, the girls are so supportive and they don’t even know my back story but when everyone is so open and welcoming you feel apart of this family. 

The coaches are amazing and always give you that extra push when you think you are at your max of exhaustion but they know you can do it.The workouts are never the same and I always feel amazing after each session (not I could’ve done better or I didn’t do well in this).

I’m so proud to be training at this gym, it’s like nothing else I’ve ever done.

Jackie Duncanson

So my journey with PBF started with Caity in her back garden when I was going through some major changes in my life, I hadn’t exercised in 20 years and I was very intimidated by the thought of a gym.  I can honestly say I have never felt that here. 

Well.. jump forward 2 plus years, many step backs due to me not being 25 anymore and I am still loving the sometimes torture and pain and the always support and smiles and encouragement from everyone at PBF, wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Catelyn Savoldelli

I can honestly hands down say joining the community at PBF was the best decision I have ever made. I started PBF in March 2020, when I was in a very dark place, I did not like how I looked and had a very bad relationship with food. PBF changed my entire outlook on life. 

I worked with both Caity in the gym and focused on my nutrition with Madi and my entire outlook has changed. I am no longer obsessed with becoming as skinny as I can possibly be. I now focus on being strong, and happy and healthy. 

PBF has had a huge impact on my mental health, when I’m training I’m happy, it is such a supportive environment, the girls, the trainers, the whole atmosphere is incredible. I honestly cannot recommend PBF enough. It is more than just a fitness community. 

I am so grateful for Caity, Madi and Bronnie for all their support and the atmosphere they have created at PBF. You guys are the best.

Tori Ellis

Moving to Western Australia in May was a massive decision – not only because it was across the country but not knowing anyone in Mandurah at all! This was until I joined Pretty Brave Fitness! I saw an add on Facebook outlining it was a gym specifically for like minded women to come together in an inclusive environment – this was a big tick for me! Walking into a new gym is always daunting but Caity, Madi, Bronnie and all the amazing women at Pretty Brave made joining such an easy decision! Everyone is so welcoming and always up for a chat. It’s an environment that you want to be a part of! Previously I was so slack at going to the gym consistently, but since joining Pretty Brave, I’ve been super motivated to go to as many classes as I can ! I’ve maintained a consistent routine and are already feeling a healthier and happier version of myself and it’s only the beginning! I can’t wait to see where Pretty Brave can take my health and fitness journey – Couldn’t recommend Pretty Brave highly enough!

Cassie Stubbins

I have only recently joined Pretty Brave Fitness, but I love it! I have always looked at working out as a chore and something negative, but PBF makes me look forward to my workouts and feel positive about my body and fitness! It really is such a supportive environment and encouraging space to train at, I never thought I would ever wake up and look forward to going to the gym. Watching my attitude change towards not just working out but also myself and my lifestyle in the few weeks thanks to this place and the awesome trainers is incredible and I can’t wait to continue.

Ashleigh Waldron

Not too sure where to start, but at the beginning maybe? 

3 months ago I was talked into coming to Pretty Brave by my friend. I was so nervous to come I made sure I came to the same classes she did. I even partnered with her for the first 3 classes as I was too nervous to barely speak! I was unfit and on the rather chunky side. 

After the first 3 sessions I decided I needed to do this for myself. I went to my first class, alone, terrified and absolutely dreading it to the point I was going to cancel. Well.. that was the beginning of the end. After this class with Caity, I felt so welcomed to the family, dancing at 5.30am and some good quality laughter. 

I have never looked back. Not once. Not one regret. 

In the past 2 months I have done the nutrition coaching program with Madi and numerous PT sessions with her. And recently changed my membership from classes only to classes and strength space. This is huge for me, I would never even go to a gym alone let alone work out alone! 

Not only have my strength and fitness abilities changed and improved over the past 3 months, so has my confidence. I wear clothes I would never have even contemplated wearing in a million years! Along with this there is zero competition between everyone! Everyone has their own journeys and the support for each and everyone has been absolutely phenomenal from the PBF team! 

I walk into the gym and feel instantly at home! No matter the bad day I’ve had, I know I’m supported by the best and raddest gal gang in town! Bronnie the new PT makes you love every single little thing about yourself and boosts your confidence tenfold! 

I couldn’t thank the girls at PBF enough for all of the love, empowerment and support over the past 3 months! And that’s for the members as well as the trainers! 

Thanks Caity and Co for everything xx

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