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Can Adults Learn Gymnastics in Western Australia?

Adults can learn, practice, and enjoy gymnastics, and Western Australia is home to many gyms, fitness centers, and clubs that offer gymnastics classes to adults. Many people may find gymnastics a more challenging physical endeavor compared to other activities. But gymnastics for adults allows plenty of room and time for learning and improvement.

Adults and children alike can learn gymnastics in Western Australia; it’s a sport for all ages. While effective for losing weight, gymnastics is also good for posture, flexibility and your mental health. There are many places in Western Australia where adults can learn gymnastics.  

In addition, the physical and mental focus required in gymnastics is what makes it distinct, interesting, and fulfilling. Are you ready to get started in the world of gymnastics? Read on to find out how adults can learn gymnastics in Western Australia. 

Can Adults Learn Gymnastics in WA?

There are many places across the state where adults can learn gymnastics in Western Australia. From dedicated gymnastics studios to casual events held at gyms and fitness centres, there’s a place to learn gymnastics as an adult anywhere in Western Australia, no matter your skill or fitness level. 

Most Olympic-level gymnasts start training when they are very young and then retire from the sport as early as age 16 years. This common narrative is what makes adults think they are too old for gymnastics. However, gymnastics is not designed for only kids and adolescents. 

Traditional gymnastics training is always available at training centers and gyms across Western Australia. But adaptations of gymnastics principles are also quite popular because they allow regular folks to reap the benefits of practicing gymnastics. 

There are facilities in Western Australia that cater to adults who would like to take up gymnastics classes to improve their fitness. Gymnastics for adults programs are designed for different levels – beginner to advanced. So you don’t have to possess a gymnastics background or wear a leotard to pick up this sport. 

Gymnastics for adults programs aim to improve flexibility, core strength, and body control. They are meant to be a fun and stress-relieving experience. Some of the moves you will learn include cartwheels, round-offs, splits, handstands, kickovers, round-offs, jumps, and rolls. 

Facilities around Western Australia are highly equipped facilities complete with spring-loaded floors and apparatuses like bars, rings, balancing beams, and foam pit.  

Benefits of Gymnastics for Adults  

Gymnastics for adults offer many health benefits as long as there’s consistency and interest in the sport. Here are just some of the top advantages of practicing gymnastics: 

Improves Memory and Mental Focus – Gymnastics benefits not only the body but also the mind. Gymnastics have something to do with learning new routines and movements and then executing them. This process can help strengthen memory and focus the mind to accomplish tasks and movements. 

Promote Healthy Bone Density – Gymnastics can help maintain bone health. Adults usually suffer from bone mineral loss, which is a natural occurrence in aging. However, studies suggest that regularly performing bodyweight exercises like gymnastics can keep bones in good shape and avoid brittleness. 

Improves Flexibility – Most movements in gymnastics will stretch your muscles, which is great in improving body flexibility. Body flexibility improves blood circulation and helps reduce the risk of injury. 

Tone and Builds Muscles – Performing gymnastics involves a lot of muscle movements. Regularly exercising your muscles makes them toner and stronger. As you progress in gymnastics, your muscles will become stronger and thus, make gymnastics movements easier to do. A stronger and durable body improves overall health and well-being.  

Improves Coordination – Gymnastics requires a high level of body coordination to perform the moves properly. You don’t have to worry, as this level of coordination is not expected of you from the beginning. But as you attend more sessions and listen to coaches, you will see a great improvement in your coordination. You will develop coordination naturally as you learn new techniques and skills. Good body coordination allows you to be better at sports and other physical activities. It also decreases the risk of injury as you live an active life.  

Builds Confidence and Keeps the Stress Away – Some people don’t know this about gymnastics but it’s actually a very fun and engaging sport. You need to spend time and effort to learn the skills, but this skill-building process turns out to be quite enjoyable for many people. Adults who take up gymnastics classes are usually surprised and happy about the progress they made. 

As you learn some cool gymnastics moves and techniques, you will become proud of such accomplishments and discover more about yourself. You will realise that you are very much capable of being fit, strong, and flexible at this stage of your life. 

Will Adult Gymnastics Help with Weight Loss?

Gymnastics is all about performing a wide range of movements and can result in burning up to 300 calories per hour, which can assist with weight loss. Gymnastics is also about building muscle strength, and greater muscle mass results in greater calorie burn. 

Adult gymnastics can be an excellent way to lose weight. The consistent training that goes into gymnastics is a great lifestyle choice to lose weight and have fun at the same time. 

Weight loss is a direct result of sufficient calorie burning, so the intensity of your training and how regularly you exercise will affect whether gymnastics training results in weight loss. However, take note that doing gymnastics is not a guaranteed path to fat loss. Diet and nutrition greatly influence effective weight loss, as well as your overall exercise routine. 

Professional and competition-level gymnasts follow a strict diet plan on top of training for several hours a day, so you’ll need to consider your overall lifestyle and nutrition habits to predict whether gymnastics will help you lose weight. 

Is it Possible to Start Gymnastics as an Adult and be Good At It?

It is very much possible to learn gymnastics as an adult. Many adults who tried out gymnastics classes have reported a lot of improvements in their flexibility and strength. Adults are capable of learning standard gymnastics maneuvers as well as floor, bar, and ring skills. 

There is always a potential to be good at gymnastics at any age, but you have to invest enough time and effort into training. You will also learn faster if you are already physically fit and have some flexibility. 

That’s why general fitness training is a good place to start if you’re not ready to start gymnastics yet. Look for a supportive local fitness training option to start building muscle strength, improving cardiovascular health, and improving your confidence until you’re ready to live your dreams. 

The reality is not all adults can achieve high-level gymnastics skills. The most important thing is to have realistic expectations when you start attending classes. You may not be able to attain athlete-level skills, but that usually is not the goal. The goal is to learn gymnastics to improve fitness, learn new skills and have fun! 

How to Start Gymnastics as an Adult 

The best way to start gymnastics is to find a class and sign up right away. Fortunately, there are many gymnastics for adult beginners across Western Australia. 

The most important thing is you need to commit to learning the sport. Find a class that caters to your physical condition and age group. You can scout gyms and facilities in your area. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and find out whether it’s the right place for you to learn. 

You can attend a few training sessions first to gauge your physical abilities and to evaluate if the sessions suit your fitness level.If you have a gymnastics background,you also have the option to attend sessions above beginner level. 

There are certain exercises you can do at home or at the gym to prepare your body to learn gymnastics skills. Stretching daily can make you more flexible. Strength exercises using your body, weights, or resistance bands are also helpful when you do them regularly.  

If you don’t have a lot of experience with fitness training, consider joining a local group fitness class to get into a regular routine. Having the support of personal trainers and other gym-goers can really help you build strength and endurance more quickly. 

Adult Gymnastics Classes for Beginners in Western Australia

1. Gym – Fit – Adult gymnastics program at HBF stadium

Gym-fit is the adult gymnastics program at HBF Stadium. The program is designed to suit both men and women and all skill levels – beginner to advanced. The program aims to incorporate standard gymnastics moves to improve body control, fitness, and core strength. Gym-fit programs give you access to a world-class gym center, spring-loaded floors, and apparatuses like rings, bars, and beams.

HBF Stadium is located on Stephenson Avenue, Mount Claremont WA  

2. Gymnastics for All (GFA) 

Gymnastics for All is a program operated by the Gymnastics WA organisation. The program involves supervising clubs that give opportunities for people to learn and practice gymnastics. As the name suggests, Gymnastics for All is for everyone who is keen to learn a new set of skills and keep fit. 

Gymnastics for All clubs include Adult Gymnastics programs and the Fitter for Life program, which cater to mature adults.  

You can find the individual Gymnastics for All clubs in different locations across Western Australia. The main Gymnastics WA office at Loftus Recreation Centre 99 Loftus Street, Leederville WA 6007.

3. High Flyers WA – Adult Classes 

High Flyers’ adult classes are open to both beginner and former gymnasts. The main adult program is suitable for 16-year-olds and above. This program involves 1.5 hour-long sessions. The sessions are conducted more casually and practice stretching, tumbling, and trampolining on top of basic gymnastics moves.  

Experienced coaches will teach you to do backflips, front saults, and handsprings on the tramp and the floor.  

High Flyers Trampoline and Gymnastics is located at 48b Luisini Road Wangara WA 6065 

4. West Coast Gymnasts

West Coast Gymnast runs gymnastics for adults classes that are suitable for participants aged 16 years old and older. Senior citizens are very much welcome to join. Like other beginners gymnastics for adults programs, West Coast Gymnast focuses on teaching the basic skills first. As you progress in the program, coaches will give you the freedom to do more or less based on your strength and ability.

Each session starts with warm-ups and stretches. After which, each participant can choose to practice a specific skill like beam balancing, tumbling, floor exercises, or trampoline. A coach will be present to provide drills, ensure proper execution, and make the experience positive. 

West Coast Gymnasts structure their adult classes to be pay-as-you-go so you don’t have to commit to a membership or a monthly fee. The organisation’s Senior Gym is located at 1/69 Truganina Road, Malaga, Western Australia.  

5. The Academy Ninja Parkour Program 

If you are looking for a more non-traditional gymnastics experience, the Ninja Parkour Program of the Academy of Gymnastics may be a great choice. With this program, you can still learn standard gymnastics skills.  

However, this program also fuses acrobatic and martial arts moves usually seen from stunt actors and parkour practitioners. 

The parkour component of the program teaches you how to move your body so you jump from one place to another more efficiently. The gymnastics and ninja techniques will improve your sense of spatial awareness, agility, balance, and strength. This Ninja Parkour Program also aims to build your confidence and foster social skills. 

The Academy of Gymnastics is located at 1/294 Butler Boulevard Butler, Western Australia.  

6. NDGC Adult Gymnastics 

The adult gymnastics program at NDGC (Northern Districts Gymnastics Class) is characterised as both challenging and fun. It centers around full functional movements that strengthen and condition the whole body. 

NDGC adult gymnastics promotes positive mental and emotional health among the participants. It is open to individuals of varying levels of gymnastics skills and body flexibility. You can start slow and begin from the lowest level. However, the program also pushes you to progress to higher skill levels in a safe environment.  

If you are not sure whether this program fits you, NDGC offers a trial class with no obligation to sign up. Northern Districts Gymnastic Club is located at 5 Whipple Street. Balcatta WA 6021.

Related Questions

Can I Learn Gymnastics at Home? 

It is not advisable to learn gymnastics at home. Without professional guidance, you won’t be able to teach yourself proper technique, and there is a high risk of injury. Training with an experienced coach ensures that you learn the proper form and correct methods for gymnastics.

However, there are specific exercises you can do at home that will greatly improve your gymnastics skills. These exercises include stretches, grip strength exercises, core and upper body exercises. 

Do You Have to be Skinny to Do Gymnastics? 

The traditional gymnastics view is that practitioners must make themselves light enough to easily perform the required movements. However, this is not the only way to be good at gymnastics. The other approach is to become strong enough to carry your body weight. 

You don’t have to be skinny, delicate, and young to do gymnastics. You also don’t need to lose a significant amount of weight to take lessons or join gymnastics classes. In adult gymnastics, the focus is to develop muscle strength over time so you can perform a wide range of gymnastic movements.  

Is Gymnastics Bad for Your Body?

Gymnastics is not bad for your body. In fact, it does the opposite: it improves flexibility, core strength, endurance, and body coordination. The general public may perceive gymnastics as a physically demanding sport reserved for young people whose bodies are still flexible. But it has been proven that adults doing regular gymnastics can also improve their flexibility and strength. What is crucial in learning gymnastics is joining training and classes that consider your age, fitness, and skill level.

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